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Circles in the Sand Summer Season Ends August 23, 2020

A summer we will always remember, with people we will not forget.

Our next draw series, August 20th - 23th, 2020 starts tomorrow. This will be our last draw series of the summer. While we wish that summer was never ending we know that it must end. This was a summer to remember for so many reasons. The start of the season was pushed back to late May. When Face Rock Wayside opened up in the middle of May we were excited to get back on the sand. Our process evolved throughout the summer. The paths widened and grooming the sand between the paths became even more important. Initially, we discontinued the formal opening and giving out dreamstones. As the summer went on those activities resumed once we mastered the physical distancing process. Separate traditional Baltic wheel labyrinths were also added for visitors to walk alone or with their family group.

We have fond memories of so many wonderful people who visited us and the joy of creating walking labyrinths at a time when the world needs all the love and positive vibes possible. But, we are not done for the year. We transition into our impromptu draws from September 2020 through April 2021. If the low tides, daylight, and weather align we schedule impromptu draws. Check our website for dates of upcoming draws. We try to post the dates as far in advance as possible.

You are invited to join us on the sand the next four days to make fond memories.

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