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Circles in the Sand

Labyrinth artist, Denny Dyke first created Circles in the Sand for his own walking meditations.  He soon became fascinated with the ocean and the ever-changing sand.  After three years and hundreds of labyrinths later, the first Dreamfield Labyrinth was created in September 2014.

The path of the first Dreamfield meandered through seven spirals and returned near the entrance.  Today the Dreamfields have grown larger with a path meandering through a much larger pattern.  Always with one path, no dead ends or no wrong turns and returning home.  A true labyrinth experience on the sand.

~ See you on the Sand ~

Circles in the Sand today

We create walkable ephemeral art in the form of labyrinths on the beach.  Each Dreamfield is an original never to be drawn again.  Everyone is welcome to walk the sandy path and it is a free public venue.  Season 6 begins in 2020 with over 40 events on our public schedule.  We appreciate everyone who helps us to support our public work through sponsorship and donations.  Special thanks to our Platinum Team Sponsors ~ Bandon Inn and Wild Rivers Coast Alliance.


Our adopted home beach in Bandon, Oregon with Face Rock Viewpoint being the location for most of our public venues.  We draw several times a year for different school groups and classes.  Always promoting art, community awareness and ecology.

We also do special Draws for private groups.  The labyrinth can be used for many types of celebrations:  weddings, reunions, team building, or any special occasion.  Contact us for more information.