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Frequently asked questions

Basic information:

  • Public walks are referred to as Draws

  • Scheduled time is when path will be available to be walked

  • Allow about 20 minutes for your walk

  • Schedule says 2 hours for walk, but the tide determines when it ends

  • Circles team will start about two hours before walk

Are designs planned out ahead of time?

  • The labyrinth design is drawn freehand working with the beach as a fresh canvas.  The path for each Draw unfolds organically on the sand.

  • Our overarching theme for the year is love.  Each Draw also has a specific theme which ranges from ocean to celestial to Zen.

  • When completed, the labyrinths are one continuous path with no dead ends or wrong turns.

  • Walkers will begin at a specific starting point, meander through the labyrinth on a single path and finish at the exit.

  • A Dedication Circle, separate from the labyrinth is usually available for visitors to write their name or dedicate their walk to someone else by inscribing their name in the sand.

How can someone volunteer to assist in a Draw?

  • We do allow up to 12 volunteers to become labyrinth groomers

  • Contact us to reserve a spot via message on Facebook or email ~ we will confirm

Where can we see Circles in the Sand?

  • Our home beach is Face Rock Viewpoint in Bandon, Oregon

  • Travel dates will be noted

Who are the Circles Team Members?

  • Denny Dyke, Labyrinth artist and founder

  • Christine Moehring, Sand artist

  • Bethe Patrick, Sand artist

  • James Ferreira, Labyrinth artist

  • June Davies, Ambassador

  • Bear Slothower, Ambassador

  • Cathy Upton, Ambassador

  • Jim Upton, Ambassador

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