Frequently asked questions

Basic information:

  • Public walks are referred to as Draws

  • Scheduled time is when path will be available to be walked

  • Allow about 20 minutes for your walk

  • Schedule says 2 hours for walk, but the tide determines when it ends

  • Circles team will start about two hours before walk

Are designs planned out ahead of time?

  • The design is drawn freehand working with the and as a fresh canvas the path in each design is created as the pattern unfolds on the sand

  • Each Draw does have a basic theme always setting the intention of love

  • When completed, there is one continuous path with no wrong turns or dead ends that meanders throughout the entire pattern returning to a point near the entrance

How can someone volunteer to assist in a Draw?

  • We do allow up to 12 volunteers to become labyrinth groomers

  • Contact us to reserve a spot via message on Facebook or email ~ we will confirm

Where can we see Circles in the Sand?

  • Our home beach is Face Rock Viewpoint in Bandon, Oregon

  • Travel dates will be noted

Circles Draw Team members?

  • Denny Dyke, Labyrinth artist and founder

  • Christine Moehring, Sand artist

  • Bethe Patrick, Sand artist

  • James Ferreira, Labyrinth artist

  • Jacquie Ferreira, Shell/Sand artist

  • Susan Dimock, Photographer