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Today is the first day of a four-day holiday weekend Circles in the Sand draw series. We wished for a beautiful morning to start the series and we were granted blue skies, a slight breeze, and smiling volunteers.

This lovely couple might have been wishing for an intimate breakfast on the beach this morning. To their surprise, they learned that they were about to be part of an art installation. While they brewed coffee and enjoyed their meal Team Circles started creating a labyrinth. By the end, the couple was raking the sand along with our other volunteers. You never know what magic you will find on the beach in Bandon.

Christine creates some cool Zen art and James and Denny start a magic trail

Another fellow asked to serenade the groomers with his bagpipe music. To be regaled with such otherworldly music while working the sand was uplifting and spiritual. The exchange of love between the musician and the audience was magical.

Stacked rocks stayed as placed and glass floats did not roll as the wind picked up. A few sneaker waves came in early to wash away part of the path. It was a Zen start to the series.

Themes for the remaining days will include Hearts, Ocean, and a Memorial Day tribute to those who have served our country and remembering lost loved ones. We hope you can join us; magical things are going to happen.

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