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All human wisdom is contained in these two words, wait and hope.

Christine Moehring wrote these words on the edge of the labyrinth toady and they were perfect.

Each day is a new beginning of waiting and hoping and today marks the opening of the sixth year of Circles in the Sand. It started a little later in the year than planned but now the waiting and hoping are over. The morning began very early for Team Circles and we were greeted with rainbows and unicorns. Oh wait, those were dogs, not unicorns (I mentioned it was very early, right?). But, rainbows abounded after a few light rain showers which made for spectacular skies.

The path meandered around, alongside and in between the rock formations on the beach to give the walker a sense of solitude and wonder about what was around the next bend. Words along the path gave the traveler ideas or inspiration. How wonderful it was to see friends, both bipeds and quadrupeds on the beach with us again. Thanks for all of the smiles, joy and laughter you brought to us today. We have been waiting many months for the opportunity to return.

Tomorrow is sure to bring more smiles, joy and love. We hope to see you walking the sandy path soon. And, you never know, there might be unicorns.

Photo credits: Donna Belt and Bethe Patrick

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