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We start as a group of strangers, we finish as a group of friends.

Walking with a group of people you have never met can feel a little unsettling at times but walking a labyrinth on the beach has a way of calming the nerves and easing the soul. Over the last four days it was wonderful to see strangers smile at each other as they made their way through the spiral turns. Watching a child's glee as they discover a mermaid hidden in a rocky cubbyhole was heartwarming. Veteran labyrinth walkers noticed how other people (and sometimes their dogs) were experiencing the route. Many people were surprised by a sense of being connected to everyone on the path even though they did not know anyone's name. Volunteer rakers naturally struck up conversations with the other groomers around them and before long they were comparing notes about their travels and hometowns.

Team Circles is grateful for all of the people who arrived as strangers to help us rake the sand and left as our friends.

We started the draw series with a Zen/summer solstice theme. We celebrated graduates on the second day. Sunday was an ocean vibe. We finished today with a theme of love as couples walked hand-in-hand and others celebrated anniversaries and birthdays.

Our next draw series runs from July 10th - July 13th at Face Rock Wayside. If you are in the area please come by to walk the sandy path. You may come as a stranger but we hope you will leave as a friend.

See you on the sand.

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