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The journey doesn't end here. You've only just begun.

Artwork by Christine Moehring, Photos by Bethe Patrick and Donna Belt

Today we honored all who graduated in 2020 and 2021. At times it was an otherworldly experience on the sand due to thick coastal mist. Many who walked the labyrinth might have remembered the feeling of fog lifting after taking final exams and graduating.

Team Circles marked the occasion with sand art recognizing well-earned diplomas, mortarboards for tossing, woohoo's, congrats, thanks to the parents, and fireworks. While walking the labyrinth is not the same as that iconic walk on the stage to receive a diploma we hope that the graduates who walked with us today felt this was also a commencement walk.

Photos by Donna Belt and Bethe Patrick

Thanks to all of our fabulous groomers and junior ambassadors yesterday and today!

We will be on the sand for two more days. Tomorrow, Sunday, June 27 the walk starts at 9:00 AM with a theme of "Ocean." Monday's 10:00 AM walk closes out this draw series with a theme of "Hearts and Love."

Go Be Amazing! (photo by Donna Belt)

See you on the sand.

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