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The Dedication Circle

"There is nothing so wise as a circle."

-Rainer Maria Rilke

Visitors to the labyrinth will notice a large circle separate from the path but near the labyrinth entrance. This is our Dedication Circle. In the past, the words "Circles in the Sand" were frequently incorporated somewhere inside the labyrinth. Or they would be written along the outside of the path in letters large enough to see from the cliff. A few years back on Mother's Day Christine Moehring had the idea to draw a heart where people could write their mother's name in the sand before their walk. On Father's Day, there was another heart for father's names. Noticing how visitors enjoyed this activity lead to the beginning of a large circle outside of the primary path. By incorporating the Circles in the Sand logo in the middle and adding plenty of room for names the Dedication Circle was born.

The Dedication Circle has taken on a life of its own and it is a permanent part of the Circles activity now. We encourage visitors to take a little time to step inside the circle before or after their walk to personalize their experience. We place chopsticks in the outer ring for writing and drawing in the circle. You can write your name or initials or personal symbol, you can dedicate your walk to someone you hold dear, or you can draw art. If it's a busy day at the beach and there is a line to walk the labyrinth you can write in the Dedication Circle while waiting. Everyone is welcome to write in the circle. Dedicating your walk can heighten its sense of importance or honor someone else. Some people who walk with us find that their message in the sand helps to set the intention for their walk. Our team gets a kick out of reading all of the names and messages. Love is one of the primary themes. Frequently kids can be seen drawing pictures of what inspired them during their walk.

When you come to walk the labyrinth take a few minutes to make the experience your own by adding your touch in the circle.

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