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Sunny Skies and Sand Art

The first three days of our Circles in the Sand draw series have been nothing short of awesome. With beautiful weather and blue skies as our backdrop, the event has attracted numerous visitors who have come to witness and participate in this unique artistic experience. The mild breeze and gentle sunshine have created the perfect conditions for our labyrinths to come alive on the beach.

Our dedicated volunteers have been the heart and soul of this event, tirelessly raking and shaping the sand to craft intricate paths that guide participants through a serene journey. Their hard work and enthusiasm have helped bring our vision to life, transforming the sandy canvas into a masterpiece each day.

Today, we conclude this series with a special tribute in honor of Memorial Day. This final walk is dedicated to all who have served our country, providing a moment of reflection and gratitude. The walk begins at 10 AM at Face Rock Wayside, and we invite everyone to join us. A free shuttle service is available to ensure easy access for all.

Come and be a part of this beautiful celebration of art, community, and remembrance.

See you on the sand.

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