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Spotlight on Team Member June Davies

Photo by Susan Dimock

Anyone who has visited Circles in the Sand will probably remember being greeted at the entrance of the path by June's welcoming invitation to choose a dreamstone before you walked. And, if you volunteered to rake she may also have given you a special groomer card to thank you for making the dreamfield come alive. Lately, June has been serving more like a wedding planner, pacing visitors as they begin their physically distanced walk along the single aisle of the labyrinth. In her talented way, June manages numerous details behind-the-scenes for Circles in the Sand.

But those who know the woman with the beautiful smile are quickly impressed by June's encyclopedic curiosity about all things Oregon. Donna Belt tells about the day she first met June and they took a walk along the sand. "June saw every detail of the beach, photographing shells and stones and crabs and jellyfish . . . I've found myself looking more deeply ever since, spying the wonders she sees."

But June's interests don't stop at the Bandon beach. She's just as likely to be able to tell you where the best stones can be found at Bullard's Beach, where bleached driftwood can be gathered at Port Orford, that Zola's is the best pizza place in Brookings, where to whale and bird watch on the Oregon coast, and a thorough history of The Beatles.

June has a knack for bringing people together. They may be infected by her love for rock painting, her knowledge from traveling in Iceland, or labyrinths of interest around the world, or maybe it's the chicken leg socks she occasionally shows up in at the beach. Whatever is meaningful, creative, fun or compassionate, June can be found at the center of it.

Today we warmly celebrate June's birthday. And we know that she is wishing Sir Paul

McCartney a happy birthday today too.

Blog credits: Donna Belt and Bethe Patrick

Photo credits: Susan Dimock Photography, Donna Belt, Bethe Patrick

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