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Spotlight on Team Member Jacque Ferreira

To find a seashell is to discover a world of imagination.

A few years ago, James and Jacque started coming to Circles in the Sand, and right away James and Denny hit it off. James was destined to learn how to create a labyrinth and soon he and Denny were creating pathways together. Jacque sat on a log. She went for walks. She gathered beach treasurers one day and gave them to Christine to place in the turn points on the labyrinth. Christine said, "You place them." Jacque now had a "job" with Circles.

Soon after she mentioned to Christine the boxes of seashells she had gathered over decades. Christine asked her to bring some to the labyrinth "and make a design." Jacque took this task to heart and created a masterpiece. It was the beginning of her imagination and creativity combing to give another life to her shells. Everyone was stunned by the awesome design she made on the very first day . . . and her artistic fate with Circles in the Sand was sealed.

Every arrangement she creates with her shells is magnificent. The designs range from elaborate to minimalist and each one takes your breath away. She will compliment her shell symmetry with driftwood, guinea feathers, and occasionally sea glass and metal. Her shell art is often found at the very end of the labyrinth as a kind of exclamation point to the entire walk. James has his own job on the sand but his most important one might be carrying all of Jacque's precious shells to and from the beach.

In addition to her creative talents, Jacque embodies the essence of Circles in the Sand. She is kind, loving, generous, funny, appreciative and in tune with her environment. She walks each labyrinth with intention, grace, and love in her heart. She has an entirely different creative life off the sand growing her own produce, stunning flowers and creating in her studio. Just like shells found on the beach, Jacque is a treasure.

We wish her the happiest of birthdays today. We cannot wait to see what her imagination dreams up next.

Blog credits: Christine Moehring and Bethe Patrick

Photo credits: Donna Belt and Bethe Patrick

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