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Spotlight on Team Member Bethe Patrick

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

If you’ve visited Circles in the Sand, you’ll recognize Bethe by her big smile and cloud of wavy blond hair. Below, you’ll see a picture of her standing with Denny beneath a rainbow, and the whole team would agree that when she joined us, we indeed discovered gold!

Though Bethe has been part of the team less than two years, she’s quickly become indispensable as an artist, organizer, blogger, and Circles gear guru. Recently when we decided it would be helpful to have team masks, it was Bethe who tie dyed fabric, sewed the masks and added the Circles logos. Then she created Circles bandanas in a range of colors, so we could choose what worked best for us.

Bethe is a long time quilter and crafter who brings precision and creativity to everything she does. She’s a quick study of whatever she tackles, blending seamlessly in her sand art with the style already established by Christine Moehring. She answers Christine’s Meri the Mermaid with her own Neptune, and together they create undersea gardens filled with delight. Her sea turtles have become a signature design, perhaps reflecting her own call to her Bandon home by the sea.

Another highlight is Bethe’s collaborations with Bear Slothower and his treasury of geodes, blown glass floats, crystals and other mineral marvels. Sparked by his finds, Bethe creates designs around cairns of balanced stones, and even hauls driftwood to the labyrinth where she hides small crystals to be discovered by discerning walkers. In fact, Bethe sees it as her mission to surprise the child in each of us by hiding hearts somewhere in each walk, and often drawing tentacles that suggest hiding sea creatures in sea stacks just off the path.

Thank you, Bethe, for letting us see through your eyes. Each labyrinth is all the more magical for your additions. On this special day, we wish you nothing but all the best kinds of surprises returning your way. Happy Birthday!

Blog credits: Donna Belt

Photo credits: Donna Belt & Bethe Patrick

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