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Shout Out to Circles Team Sponsor Wilson's Market

Since its establishment in 1938, Wilson’s Market has been far more than just a convenience store. Run by the Garrett family, this historic market embodies a deep sense of community, offering not only the typical cold beer and snacks but also a unique culinary journey and a welcoming family-like atmosphere.

Wilson’s Market specialized in an impressive BBQ experience. This mount-watering fusion of smoky tradition and flavor innovation sets them apart. Their menu offers authentic Mexican delights such as fresh tacos, burritos, and nachos, each prepared with the same dedication to quality. Their unique “Criminal Jerky” has earned a reputation of its own.

Wilson’s extends its community spirit beyond its premises too. Recently, they joined our Circles in the Sand tribe as a business sponsor. They created a memorable catered taco bar for a pre-season team meeting.

Eight decades on. Wilson’s Market remains a family business committed to quality, community, and culinary delights. With every cold beer, taco, and piece of Criminal Jerky, they continue to weave their story into the fabric of our community.

Wilson’s Market is located at 90 June Ave SE in Bandon and their newest location is at 63048 Hwy 101 in Coos Bay, Oregon.

If becoming a team sponsor piques your interest, kindly reach out to us via email at We are committed to carrying on with our endeavors, and your backing is vital to our continued success.

Our last draw series for Summer 2023 runs from August 3rd - 5th. Check the schedule for walk times.

See you on the sand and maybe in line for a burrito bowl at Wilson's Market.

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