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Seven Days and Counting

We are seven days away from the start of our summer season on the sand. On May 2nd and 3rd we start morning walks at 9 AM at Face Rock Wayside in Bandon, Oregon.

If you have not joined us before check back in soon for a post about what to expect, what to bring (and what not to bring) when visiting Circles in the Sand.

New this year is our shuttle service running from the Bandon Community Center, located at 1200 11th Street SW. The shuttle will run starting approximately 1/2 hour before the walk time and will pick up and drop off riders approximately every 15 minutes. The shuttle is free to all riders. Look for the Fairway Shuttle van for your ride to and from the beach.

What not to bring this year is your drone. Drones are prohibited as per the U.S. Dept of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service. We know that some of our visitors have enjoyed taking ariel photos of our labyrinths. We ask that our visitors respect our fragile coastal environment and abide by the new regulations from the State of Oregon.

This is a photo of the current information sign at Face Rock. Besides two signs about remote-controlled aircraft, there is other information to be aware of such as dogs on leashes, tsunami evacuation routes, and not climbing on the rocks. All of these rules are to protect the homes of the aquatic life on the beach and safety for everyone.

We are kicking off our first day of the season with a Zen theme. Here's hoping for a glorious and fabulous 2022 season on the sand.

We are looking for more support staff for the season. Email us at if you are interested.

You can find us off of the sand at the Bandon Farmer's and Artisan's Market on Fridays and Saturdays this summer and fall.

See you on the sand in 2022.

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