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Raindrops, Rainbows, and Resilience: A Circles in the Sand Update

Sometimes, a spot of weather brings its own silver lining – quite literally in our case! Sadly, we must cancel today’s Circles in the Sand due to the rain. If you walked with us yesterday you recall how the rain, which started not long after the walk began, played havoc with our labyrinth design. We found ourselves navigating more of a water maze than a labyrinth.

But there was a breathtaking moment when the rainbow appeared behind Face Rock. It was a magical sight. Even though the rain caught us off guard, it certainly served up a colorful surprise for Father's Day.

Looking at the forecast, it seems the rain wants to stick around a bit longer and is predicted to fall again tomorrow morning. We are holding out hope that we’ll get a reprieve, long enough for us to create another beautiful meditation experience.

Please stay tuned for updates. Thank you for understanding, your patience, and your unwavering excitement. Circles in the Sand wouldn’t be the same without you all.

Stay dry today and keep an eye out for rainbows.

See you on the sand.

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