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Meri the Mermaid

Turning the page on our 2023 Circles in the Sand calendar today, a burst of joy awaits in the form of captivating sand art. Each day we draw a sand labyrinth there is a theme. Although the theme doesn’t influence the labyrinth’s design, it provides inspiration for our talented artists to plan their creations. One of our beloved themes is “ocean,” and that almost always means that Christine will be drawing Meri the Mermaid. Meri comes to life in various sizes, but her essence remains unchanged - curvaceous and graceful, with flowing locks and a mesmerizing tail. In her hand, she holds treasures from the sea, gathered by Christine during her beachcombing adventures. You might see Mari holding a couple of crab shells, some rockweed, mussel shells, and a shimmering agate on a lucky day. Adorned with a necklace and occasionally sporting hair accessories, Mari’s beauty enhances the walk through the labyrinth, offering viewers an additional element to contemplate mindfully.

Mark your calendars and get ready for another four-day draw series happening from Saturday, June 3 to June 6, 2023. The walk start times for this series can be found on our website,

Sunday’s theme is the magnificent ocean, giving you the perfect opportunity to take a labyrinth walk to greet Meri and let her coastal wonders transport you to a world of whimsy and serenity.

See you on the sand.

Photo credits:

Charles Wollertz - purchase photos of Meri on his website,

Bethe Patrick

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