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Happy Mother's Day!

A mother is like a flower; each one is beautiful and unique.

Happy Mother's Day from Circles in the Sand! We took the opportunity to practice some different styles of labyrinths so we will be ready to offer Circles in the Sand to the public once the State Parks open up again. Mother's Day seemed like the perfect time to play on the sand. This was our beautiful and unique experience today in Bandon.

We drew everything from large Baltic wheels to short, single person adorable paths around rocks. Christine went BIG with the Mother's Day letters so they could be seen from the cliff. Jacque created her magic with driftwood and shells she found on the beach. Bethe drew a heart full of love. James turned smooth sand into ethereal circles that shimmer on their canvas. Denny and Bear dragged rakes in circles to build the wheels.

We send love and hugs to all of the mothers in the world, today and every day. This art was created for you in honor of your kindness, sacrifices, wisdom, humor, and especially love. Keep being beautiful and unique.

"Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It's huge and scary - it's an act of infinite optimism." -Gilda Radner

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