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From Sunrise to Seashells

Our July draw series has been an extraordinary experience so far, filled with inspiring moments and help from so many wonderful people. We invite you to join us on a visual and meditative voyage through our current four-day labyrinth draw series as we approach the final stretch of our summer season.

Day 1: Embracing the Sunrise

The sun made its grand entrance as we gathered on the beach yesterday. The early morning hues painted the sky with delicate strokes of gold and orange, setting the stage for an extraordinary day ahead. Entering the labyrinth, we immersed ourselves in the energy of the rising sun. The Zen-themed labyrinth transformed into a sanctuary of peace and stillness, guiding us on a path of self-reflection. The intricate patterns created in the sand mirrored the complexity of our thoughts and emotions, gently encouraging us to let go of our worries and find solace in the present moment.

Day 2: Our journey continued today as we celebrated the vastness of the sea. The labyrinth took an oceanic theme, adorned with seashells, sand dollars, and designs that mirrored the wonders of the waves. With each step, we found ourselves harmonizing with the rhythm of the tides, connecting with the profound serenity that the ocean imparts. The shells scattered along the labyrinth’s path reminded us of the treasures waiting to be discovered within ourselves. We reveled in the symphony of sounds, the salty breeze, and the gentle touch of sand beneath our feet, feeling one with the vastness of the sea.

Throughout our journey, our dedicated team photographer, Charlie Wollertz captured the magic in every stroke and every expression. With a keen eye for detail, Charlie masterfully documented the beauty of each day’s draw despite the sometimes-physical demands of securing the perfect shot. Charlie tirelessly goes above and beyond to preserve on film the essence of Circles in the Sand. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Charlie for his invaluable contribution, knowing that his extraordinary photographs will grace our 2024 calendar, ensuring that these treasured memories will endure. And, our adorable team mascot, Bambi, alongside Charlie and his partner Tami filled the sandscape with an extra dose of charm and love reminding us to approach each moment with a sense of lightness and joy.

Looking Ahead

As we prepare for the final two days of our series, we invite you to join us on this mesmerizing journey. Let the sand guide your steps and find solace in the serenity that lies within. We have the opportunity to explore the process with each stride as a reminder that life itself is a labyrinth, meant to be explored with joy and wonder.

Walks start at 9 AM tomorrow and Thursday, July 19 & 20, 2023.

See you on the sand.

Photo credits: Tami Freed, Charlie Wollertz, Bethe Patrick

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