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Five Days of Composition

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” - Robert Henri

Our five-day draw series came to an end today. It spanned all kinds of weather. Rain started just as the walk opened on Wednesday and changed to sunny skies but strong winds for a few days, to finally warm and overcast today.

Each morning it was fascinating to discover where our clean slate of sand would be. The negative low tides limited our options so we located each labyrinth on the north side of Cathedral Rock. As the tides erased the path from the previous day it left us with different terrain each morning. Paths inevitably emerged between the surf and the cliffs. The art theme changed daily but it was always guided by nature and the offerings of the ocean.

A Zen theme kicked off the draw series. The light rain that started just as the walk began added extra flavor to the experience. We love how Bear's stack of rocks highlights the effect of the wind blowing the rain from the south to make a clear wet side and dry side on the stones. Christine created some beautiful zenny flowers and Bethe experimented with shading curves.

The second day was focused on celestial art.

Day three encompassed nature. The wind created unique frosting to the path and James' raked flowers.

Meri the mermaid made her appearance for our Ocean theme yesterday.

Today we capped off the series with a theme of love.

Thank you to a fabulous crew of volunteer groomers. This was a very energetic group and the grooming was finished early almost every day, which is highly unusual for us. Thank you as well to our support staff in the parking lot for directing traffic and reminding visitors about the new shuttle service.

Join us for our next draw series from May 31 – to June 2, 2022. Schedule times are on the website.

See you on the sand.

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