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First Day of Our Summer Season 2021

Wow, what a fantastic day to start us out for the 2021 season. Blue skies, beautiful sand, and happy smiling faces. The theme was "Hearts" and there was love sprinkled throughout the labyrinth. Denny started today's journey by inspiring everyone to express love 15 times today. Hearts of all sizes and types were scattered throughout the labyrinth from enormous to miniature to hidden to a birthday balloon heart and a lotus flower.

Halfway through the walk, tucked behind rocks were the words "What the world needs now is ... Love. You might have found yourself humming that song around the rest of the rocks, as you passed the XOXO's and when you reached the words Christine wrote at the exit, "Happiness is to love and be loved."

Team Circles i grateful to our fabulous crew of volunteer groomers who brought so much happiness with them this morning. An extra shout-out goes to our new volunteer greeters up in the parking lot. We love you all!

Tomorrow is day 2 of our 3-day draw series. The walk starts at 10:00 a.m. at Face Rock Wayside. We will also be celebrating World Labyrinth Day. If the sand conditions allow we are planning to draw our Circles in the Sand dreamfield labyrinth and also a traditional Baltic Wheel labyrinth.

See you on the sand.

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