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Circles is ON the Sand Today, Hopefully.

Hey there! Although it was a rainy night, the rain has stopped now, and we're all set to finish our three-day draw series today. We don't want to jinx it, but canceling the draw just doesn't feel right. Of course, we're keeping an eye on the weather, and there's a chance of rain in the forecast, but we're optimistic. It's worth noting that raked sand usually gets dissolved in the rain, but we've noticed it can hold up to light rain this year. So, if you're planning to walk with us today, think sunny thoughts, make sure to dress for the occasion, and bring an umbrella just in case. And don't forget your wellies!

The walk is scheduled to start at 10 AM today. If you volunteered to rake the sand, please be there a little before 9 AM.

See you on the sand, fingers crossed.

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