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Circles in the Sand Summer Season Begins on May 22, 2020

"Your path is your own, but you will walk side by side with others, with compassion and generosity as your beacons. If anything is required it is this; fearlessness in your examination of life and death; willingness to continually grow; and openness to the possibility that the ordinary is extraordinary, and that your joys and sorrows have meaning and mystery.

- Elizabeth Lesser

Face Rock Wayside is the home beach of Circles in the Sand. The Wayside is open and we are more than excited to start our unique summer art installation for all to experience. Friday is the first day of a five-day draw series. Walks begin at 8 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Monday and Tuesday walks begin at 9 a.m. Check our website, for updates on procedures and weather. Masks are not required on the beach but do remember that you will be passing people on the stairs so we urge you to have a mask with you to wear as needed.

Team Circles has been busy practicing new techniques for the walking labyrinths that reflect State mandates for physical distancing. Generally, it takes about two hours to create a dreamfield and we never know what they will look like until complete. We will be winging it every day this series so it will be fascinating to see how each path develops. The labyrinths will cover a greater stretch along the beach. Everyone is welcome to come early to watch the process. Initially, to maintain safe gathering conditions, grooming will be the responsibility only of Team Circles. As we get more comfortable with the process we will invite volunteer groomers to join us. The paths will provide plenty of room for physical distancing so visitors can enjoy a meditative walk surrounded by inspiring artwork.

We are departing from the past in that the official opening of the labyrinth will be a very informal affair and without dreamstones, for now. Circles staff will be on hand to help with physical distancing when entering the labyrinth. Core groups of ten or under walking together will be fine. Small, individual labyrinths may be available for you to walk while you are waiting to enter the big dreamfield.

There will be a Dedication Circle for you to add your name or a loved ones name for whom you are dedicating your walk. The chopsticks that we provide will not be available but we encourage you to use your fingers in the sand for a more intimate experience. Because we are not handing out dreamstones we suggest you to carry a special token from home that has meaning for you. Let the intentions that you walk with infuse your keepsake with love, compassion, joys and sorrows, and openness to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

See you on the sand!

Credits: shell art by Jacque Ferreira

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