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Celebrating Summer with Circles in the Sand Labyrinths, 2024

This weekend, we welcomed the beginning of summer with two special Circles in the Sand labyrinths on Bandon's beautiful beach. Each day had its own unique theme to mark the season and spread joy among our visitors.

On Saturday, we celebrated the summer solstice with a "Celestial" theme. The intricate labyrinth designs captured the essence of the cosmos, offering a mesmerizing experience as we celebrated the beginning of summer. We also celebrated those who walked "The Longest Day" in recognition of Alzheimer's awareness.

Sunday’s theme focused on "Love," our overarching theme for the season, bringing warmth and connection to everyone who walked the labyrinth.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the incredible volunteers who helped create the labyrinths. Your dedication and hard work are truly appreciated. A special shout-out also goes to our invaluable parking staff who ensured everything ran smoothly.

If you're looking to take home a piece of the magic, head to our website to order Circles in the Sand apparel, jewelry, or posters. For those in Bandon, you can visit Sweet Peas Home and Garden in Old Town to check out some of our apparel and labyrinth jewelry in person. Additionally, there are still a few 2024 calendars available at Spirit of Oregon, Farm and Sea, Second Street Gallery, and on our website.

We have two more days of labyrinth walks starting at 10 AM each day. And remember, don't forget to ride the free shuttle! Not only is it a convenient way to get to the beach, but you'll also receive an exclusive "Take me to the Beach" sticker with a special coupon to Spirit of Oregon, valid through the end of June.

Join us and immerse yourself in the beauty of our summer-themed labyrinths.

See you on the sand. (There's a T-shirt and Sweatshirt for that)

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