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Three beautiful days of weather, waves, and an abundance of good vibes started our summer season. The sand was a bit different every day which allowed the labyrinths to meander around rocks or cover wide expanses of sand. The view from the cliff was unique every day and so was the art. Friday was full of love and hearts.

Saturday brought a mermaid, jellyfish, and other ocean life.

Saturday we celebrated World Labyrinth Day with a Circles dream field and a Baltic wheel ready to be walked at 1:00 p.m. to coincide with walks around the world. It was a transforming experience to participate on the beach in Bandon. A classical labyrinth (or two) made an appearance as well. The more the merrier to mark the occasion.

Today we finished with a Zen sunrise, rock stacks, a dreamcatcher, and a couple of dragonflies.

We can’t say thanks enough to all of our volunteers, on and off the sand, for your energy and support. And thanks to everyone who visited Circles in the Sand this weekend. We are humbled to hear your rave reviews of our work.

If you walked with us today you were left with these words at the end of the labyrinth, “The journey doesn’t end here, you’ve only just begun.“ We are only getting started.

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