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A Special Thanks to Wild Rivers Coast Alliance

Circles in the Sand would not be where it is today without the consistent support of our financial donors. One of our founding sponsors is Wild Rivers Coast Alliance (WRCA) here in Bandon, Oregon. WRCA grants funds to community projects that meet their triple bottom line of conservation, community, and economy. Last year they supported a wide array of programs and businesses in Coos and Curry counties on the southern Oregon coast. Their grantees included the Bandon Community Child Care Center, the Gorse Action Group, South Coast Culture Tour, and OSU GEMM Laboratory just to name a few.

In their 2021 Annual Report, they said the following about our work, "Circles in the Sand labyrinth draws are a beloved beach program that attracts visitors to Bandon from all over the globe. These enormous, ornate sand drawings give visitors an opportunity to learn about environmental stewardship as well as to relax and reflect. These unique artworks that wash away with the incoming tide are an inspiring example of the triple-bottom-line perspective that informs our grant-making."

We are honored to receive financial support from WRCA. We are thankful for all they do for our community and Circles in the Sand. To find out more about WRCA please visit their website at

Our next draw series starts tomorrow, Thursday, June 16 with a walk time at 9:00 AM. We are keeping a weather eye out for the Friday draw. Saturday we will be adding a special "Memory Circle" for those participating in the Coastal Memory Walk for Alzheimer's. We finish out the draw series with a celebration of dad's on Sunday, Father's Day.

See you on the sand.

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