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A Special Thanks to The Inn at Face Rock

Circles in the Sand would not be where it is today without the consistent support of our financial donors. This year we introduced a free shuttle service through a joint effort between the City of Bandon and Circles in the Sand. The city offered the use of the parking lot at the Bandon Community Center, located just a few blocks from the beach. We contacted Jim Knox with Fairway Shuttle about running a shuttle service between the Community Center and Face Rock Wayside. Jim was excited about the opportunity and quickly agreed to run a shuttle specifically for our visitors.

All of our labyrinth walks are open to the public and free of charge. In keeping with that vibe, we wanted to offer the shuttle service free as well. That meant finding a sponsor to cover the costs. When one of our local sponsors, The Inn at Face Rock (Best Western) got wind of our need they quickly offered to sponsor the shuttle service.

We can’t say enough positive words about partnering with the Inn at Face Rock (IFR). Their staff is wonderful to work with and they provide over-the-top customer service to their guests. The management team is very community-minded. They have an annual grant program and are past supporters of many local events such as the Cranberry Festival and free Sunday admission at the Bandon History Museum.

The shuttle has been running throughout our summer season. There has been some confusion for residents who remember when there was a trolley in Bandon. Unlike that, our shuttle service is only available on mornings we are on the sand and it only runs between the Community Center and the parking lot at Face Rock Wayside. It loops between the two locations approximately every 15 minutes. Riders can wait for the shuttle by the Circles in the Sand sign at the Community Center for pick-up. We try to have a team member there to answer questions but if you don’t see a volunteer there please know that Jim will be by soon to pick you up. And, you might get to meet his adorable company mascot, Diesel.

Shuttle service starts half an hour before the labyrinth walk time and usually runs for 2 hours, depending on demand. The Bandon Community Center is located in City Park at 1200 11th Street. We strongly encourage our local community, who do not live within walking distance of the beach to ride the free shuttle. Think of it as your chauffeured ride to the beach and back. And, you can stop at the Bandon Library when you get back from walking the labyrinth. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Team Circles is honored to receive financial support from The Inn at Face Rock. We are truly thankful to Dave, Sam, John, and Eileen for all they do for our community and Circles in the Sand. To find out more about IFR please visit their website at or and click on this link, to see all of the community organizations they supported in 2021.

Our ocean-themed walk today starts at 8 AM. Tomorrow's walk starts at 9 AM. See you on the sand.

Photo credits: Wollertz Photography and Bethe Patric

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