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A Celestial Celebration: solar eclipse and a Circles in the Sand labyrinth in Florence, Oregon

On Saturday, October 14th, 2023, nature will unveil a spectacular celestial event that promises to leave us in awe: the Ring of Fire solar eclipse. This astronomical phenomenon, occurring at 9:18 AM on the beach in Florence, Oregon, is a type of solar eclipse where the moon covers most of the sun, leaving only a fiery rim of sunlight visible around its edges. This event is a reminder of the wonders of our cosmos, and a chance to witness the beauty of our solar system in action. Don’t forget your eclipse glasses.

But, the celestial celebrations don’t stop there. At 5 PM, a different kind of wonder will unfold on the same beach – the 6th Annual Circles in the Sand labyrinth walk. This year’s theme for the labyrinth is Celestial and the setting could not be more fitting.

Imagine walking the labyrinth with the sun casting its last rays before setting, as you carry the memory of the Ring of Fire eclipse earlier in the day. The celestial art will infuse the labyrinth with a sense of wonder and imagination, inspiring you to contemplate the beauty of nature.

The day promises to be a unique and memorable experience on the sands of Heceta Head Beach, in front of Driftwood Shores Resort and Conference Center in Florence, Oregon.

See you on the sand where the celestial and the spiritual unite in harmony.

Photo credit: Charlie Wollertz

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