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Spotlight on Team Member Donna Belt

Blog Post from Donna Belt Hi.  I’m Donna Belt and you might recognize my name from my enthusiastic posts on the Facebook group page, Circles Experience.  My postings might lead you to believe that I’m a regular here on the Oregon Coast, but the truth is that like many others, I became involved with Circles in the Sand long before we moved here, or even began living here part-time as we do now. I’ll go back to the beginning.  One day when we first visited Bandon about six years ago, I was taking pictures on the beach.  (This won’t surprise anyone who knows me!)  A fellow beachcomber approached and asked if I was there to take pictures of the labyrinth.  The labyrinth?  I had never heard of it.  But rounding the next cove, there it was.  And there was Denny and the team, ready to greet me and invite me to walk this path “where there were no wrong turns and no one could get lost.” I felt special.  I actually felt chosen by the landscape with its fog-shrouded sea stacks, and colorful jasper strewn across the sand.  And now this.  During that stay, every time I visited, Denny greeted me with another smile, accompanied by a brotherly hug. I went back home to Raleigh, NC and I told friends my story.  I had found my soul place; the place on earth that reflected back to me who I was, and had always been.  And there in this sacred space, there was a team of artists working together in a way that seemed to define the heart of my mystical experience. I notice now that every person who walks this path feels as I do.  The designs reflect a timeless, expansive spirituality where all can recognize their own language of knowing. At the entry to the labyrinth, all are welcomed - two-legged and four, scampering children and elders with walking sticks. As Denny greets each group of visitors, he reminds them that they are whole, perfect and loved. It’s easy to feel tearful as if we’re returning home.  But I smile, realizing it’s like living in Bandon, in general.  Over time, those like me who heeded a personal call in moving here, realize that all the neighbors were in on the same phone call. As Denny adds after his affirmation of each person’s perfection in who they are; everyone else is equally special. Walking the path is not just about our own transformation, it is an active prayer for unity and respect among all people and creatures of the world. Please, come join us. Feel the sand between your toes and know that all is well.



We are so lucky and thankful that Donna is part of Team Circles! She is so very talented and creative. Her photos rival those of professional photographers, especially with her new iPhone!

Today is Donna's birthday and we want to wish her Happy Birthday and many, many more trips around the sun!

- Team Circles

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