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New Necklaces Are In Stock

Our new necklaces from Mountain to Sea Gifts in Bandon have arrived. We made a few changes to the look because, why not? You have your choice of three different labyrinth pendant colors. The stainless steel silver pendants are the same and we added stainless steel gold and rose gold pendants. The labyrinth pendants measure 1" in diameter and include a high-quality 20" stainless steel chain. We love the weight and quality of these special labyrinth necklaces. Now you can have one in every color if your heart desires.

Head over to our Marketplace to order one for yourself and one for a friend. Necklaces are $45.00 each. If these are as popular as our last batch they will go quickly.

See you on the sand.

P.S. If you would prefer a necklace in the previous style, which included a silver labyrinth pendant and either a gold or rose gold backing plate, please email Bethe at and she can make that happen.

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