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A Few Words about Sand

Tomorrow we start a four-day series at Face Rock Wayside beach in Bandon, Oregon. The sand is looking great and we are hoping to create a labyrinth on the sand north of the cliff.

People frequently as us if we work other places and our usual answer is no. We are lucky to have amazing sand conditions and the cliff for viewing at Face Rock Wayside. Other locations for our labyrinth art have been scouted in the past but the sand and viewing opportunities are ideal here in Bandon. Due to the tides and wind we can be found drawing labyrinths on the north side or the south side of Face Rock. Each day the beach surface is different after high tide so we choose our location for the day primarily based on the sand texture.

It may come as a surprise but not all sand conditions are the same. We need just the right combination of sand and water to rake our designs. Smooth sand is critical. If the sand is too wet the designs will fade quickly. If the sand has too many ripples, we can't drag rakes through it evenly. If the sand is too dry it won't hold a design at all. The Bandon beaches offer ideal features for our type of beach art. Plus, we have the picturesque sea stacks to lend even more interest to our work and the walks.

If you are in the neighborhood, please come and join us for the next four days at Face Rock Wayside. Sunday is Father's Day so there will be special art to celebrate. Monday we will recognize the beginning of summer with a celestial theme. Tuesday and Wednesday have ocean and Zen themes.

See you on the sand!

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