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Spotlight on Team Member Trish Conyers

Early on in the life of Circles in the Sand Trish Conyers was one of the first people to start assisting Denny. She has continued for years now to groom the labyrinths. And over the years, with a rake in her hand, Trish has come to the beach for friendship, personal time, an escape from work or a well-earned caregiver respite. Her experience makes her one of the our most valued Ambassadors. She has just the right touch to explain the process of grooming the sand to our volunteers and she always does it with a smile and joy in her heart.

A few years ago when her beloved husband, Dean passed away Denny and the team drew a memorial labyrinth for him. Dean was a musician and loved Tootsie Roll Pops so Trish arranged with Denny and Christine to have those images incorporated into the path to bring a knowing smile to the family and friends who attended.

Trish juggles part-time jobs that don't always allow her the opportunity to come volunteer with us. She is passionate about many things and one of them reflects the nickname she had as a child, which is her love for turtles. I learned about this delight of hers and now if Trish is on the sand with us I will draw a turtle for her, even if it's not an ocean-themed day, unless Christine has already drawn one. Trish has us well-trained. She has volunteered countless hours to Circles in the Sand and it is a gift to her dedication that we illustrate a turtle or two for her.

Her fellow Ambassador Donna Belt says that Trish has a "quiet power to embrace people in an expression of true friendship." Circles in the Sand is forever grateful to Trish for her easy-going demeanor, her joy of life and her true friendship. Today we celebrate her birthday by sharing some pictures of Trish through the years on the beach in Bandon, Oregon.

Photo credits: June Davies, Susan Dimock Photography, Donna Belt, Denny Dyke

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